ePrognosis Care Platform

A portal to re-defining Patient Engagement


Patient Portal

Presenting a powerful end-to-end tool to empower your patients with on the go access to their healthcare records. Help your patients schedule appointments and pay for healthcare services anytime anywhere with our intuitive solution. This peripheral application sits atop your EMR/HIMS to help boost patient experience by delivering the required information and translating transactions into insights.

On-the-go Features

Manage appointments and visits

Check availability of physicians or lab services, confirm your slots and modify as and when required

Re-define wearable data

Push information from your fitness device to the app and track your vitals real time. The portal is the best way to make use of your wearable!

Access health records

Securely access your medical history, treatments, prescriptions and related clinical documents on the go

A new dimension to healthcare payments

View details of past transactions, bills and receipts. Pay for your past and upcoming appointments or lab tests from the convenience of your home

Secure patient-provider communications

Get in touch with the right personnel as per needs over our secure mobile app

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