ePrognosis Care Platform

Connecting Healthcare with Locational Intelligence


A location-driven patient experience solution that revolves around digitizing a hospital’s infrastructure, making it accessible at a user’s fingertips. Driven by BLE and WiFi beacons, get ready to leverage IoT and define a whole new dimension to patient and visitor experience.

The CoAction of IoT and Healthcare

Empower your patients with the facility to view and book appointments with an added benefit of bill payments on the go
Smart switching from google maps for locating your hospital to indoor maps on LeadMe for facilitating seamless user experience
Real-time patient assistance based on scheduled appointments and tests aligned with your hospital’s process workflows
Leverage push notifications and voice guidance to digitize your infrastructure for all users: Patients, Visitors, Doctors and Staff



Indoor Navigation

IoT-driven indoor navigation helps your patients reach locations within the hospital premises without a hitch. Seamless transitions from Google Maps to LeadMe helps users feel closer and connected. Customization of navigational flows based on your hospital’s workflows ensures maximum efficiency, thereby improving the digital quotient of your hospitals.


Location Driven Care Coordination

Monitor your patients’ whereabouts on near real-time basis. Leverage the use of wearables to keep both patient and the hospital updated on all the activities undertaken. From medication management to realizing real-time patient safety and tracking, this feature ensures your staff is just around the corner when needed.


Asset Tracking

Track the locations of all your assets as and when needed instantly. Eliminate the possibilities of confusions while assigning assets and view all the past and present interactions done for each. Now push all frequently used assets onto the network, thereby making them available at the right place and time.


Contextual Push Notifications

Enable your patients to experience a wide array of services offered within the premises. Remind them of a nearing appointment or a scheduled lab test complemented with state-of-the-art wayfinding. Additionally, push offers, and related content in context to a user’s locational proximity to the pharmacy, cafeteria or a gift shop.


Dashboards and Reports

Leverage the data generated by various IoT devices to give real time insights. Reports ranging from a single patient to managing all the different assets and staff employed, our location-based analytics gives you the edge in managing your infrastructure, real time. Let these indicators aid you in informed investment decisions and operational enhancements.

About Us

Cosmonet Solutions Pvt Ltd established in 1998, is a global IT products and solutions company, delivering business value across Asia, Middle East, USA, Europe and Africa in Healthcare.

Our healthcare application suite includes cloud-based EMR solutions, tailor-made for Hospitals and Diagnostic labs, enabling easy scaling for future expansions and on-time support. Leveraging technology and ideas, our IoT based Indoor Navigation and patient monitoring systems are aimed at exponentially increasing a patient’s experience with insightful analytical dashboards available at a click for the management. To further extend our influence out of the four walls of a Hospital, we have applications and portals which would ensure key healthcare stakeholders feel connected and the patients efficiently cared for. From managing reports and appointments, to getting connected to a physician in a jiffy, we bring to realization the true digital connected healthcare.

As a part of our services, we offer seamless device interfaces and data management. We also offer consultation for optimizing your various business processes and workflows thanks to our expertise in BI and AI. Having developed most of our products on the latest of technologies complemented by unsolicited support, we are confident of continually delivering quality results, driven by market dynamics.

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