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Actualize your business with our LIS: Say yes to Automation

ePrognosis LIS

ePrognosis cloud-based laboratory information management system (LIMS), is strategically designed to meet all your requirements on time, every time. The subtle, yet sophisticated design ensures that it can be implemented easily to enhance your process efficiency. Our laboratory information management system automates communication between inter and intra- department entities of the healthcare industry.

With compliance to global standards like HL7, HIPAA and more, the software enables easy integrations to your devices and external applications: now you have a solution catering to varied business models and workflows. Right from tracking a sample’s processing to timely delivery of reports, ePrognosis laboratory information helps you streamline processes irrespective of the quantum of tests scheduled.

5 Rights of Lab Testing



Assurance of a genuine test being performed



Identity match of the patient upon authentication



Tests performed at the right time with information available any time



Improve accuracy and reliability of tests in patient history



Help make informed decisions and maximize accuracy of results



Integrated Process

From sample collection to report generation, track and streamline all your lab processes easily through ePrognosis lab management system. Transform the functions of your laboratory to decrease complexity, increase productivity and reduce workloads.


Flexible order sourcing

ePrognosis LIMS can be used to seamlessly incorporate all outsourcing and in-sourcing activities. The operational and financial flows for every stakeholder in the network are defined in a way to bring in efficiency to the system and hence maximize revenue.


Delta Check

A report analyzing reliability of a test by assessing it's deviation from pre-recorded data available in a patient's medical history. With simple designs and user flows, Delta checks take you a step closer in achieving top-quality reporting and diagnosis.


Cross-functional integration

Automate test processes through efficient device interfacing that increases accuracy and reliability of a report. Update these reports to the linked EMR of the hospital all the while notifying the same to the patients through connected service providers.


Quality Control

Effective charting approach using L-J charting to monitor the stability and accuracy of lab tests performed. Easily interpret the chart to detect errors, get an unbiased, clear assessment of analytical performance and derive all the necessary information about the tests.

eDevice Manager


Re-focus your emphasis: Automate your analysis

The ultimate middleware solution to automate data exchanges between your LIS and laboratory devices. With configurable uni/bi-directional data flow, this solution simplifies the act of bridging the gap between your hardware and software environments.
The solution’s unique configuration process eliminates the need of custom coding, reducing both time and cost of implementation. Advanced data management capabilities automate many of the routine tasks that analysts carry out on a daily basis thus ensuring consistency of results and improving efficiency.

About Us

Cosmonet Solutions Pvt Ltd established in 1998, is a global IT products and solutions company, delivering business value across Asia, Middle East, USA, Europe and Africa in Healthcare.

Our healthcare application suite includes cloud-based EMR solutions, tailor-made for Hospitals and Diagnostic labs, enabling easy scaling for future expansions and on-time support. Leveraging technology and ideas, our IoT based Indoor Navigation and patient monitoring systems are aimed at exponentially increasing a patient’s experience with insightful analytical dashboards available at a click for the management. To further extend our influence out of the four walls of a Hospital, we have applications and portals which would ensure key healthcare stakeholders feel connected and the patients efficiently cared for. From managing reports and appointments, to getting connected to a physician in a jiffy, we bring to realization the true digital connected healthcare.

As a part of our services, we offer seamless device interfaces and data management. We also offer consultation for optimizing your various business processes and workflows thanks to our expertise in BI and AI. Having developed most of our products on the latest of technologies complemented by unsolicited support, we are confident of continually delivering quality results, driven by market dynamics.

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